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Our Sponsored Social Media Exchange connects with more than 850,000 creators and influencers with the nations top brands.

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Social Media Hootsuite CloudHotei Media is a boutique social media and communication agency with a particular expertise in working with nonprofits and publicly traded companies.

Our relationships with most effective, on target influencers, and an off the hook creative campaigns that get attention, shared and deliver traffic is our specialty.


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Online we share best practices in Social Media & Celebrity Representation.

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Today, people access information about your company long before they reach your site. People now turn to their peers for recommendations about products, they search on Google and other search engines. According to a recent TechnoratiMedia study, online activity plays a very important role in the decision making process. Blogs are they the third most influential resource for consumers looking to make a purchase. Read More

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Hootsuite is the #1 Social Media Management Software. As preferred Hootsuite Solution Partners we quickly put you in full control of your digital footprint. Hootsuite enables you to keep track and manage all your social network channels and monitor what people are saying about your brand. You can view and respond instantly to comments from from multiple networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Read More


Hotei Media pioneered “Sponsored Social Media” when we began connecting content creators with the nations top brands as early as 2004. Today, we represent brands and content creators in our proprietary Sponsored Media Exchange powered by IZEA. Every week we share the best practices in social media along with tips and strategies you can use. Read More

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Hotei Media pioneered “Sponsored Social Media” in 2004 when we began connecting content creators with the nations top brands. Today, we represent brands and content creators in our proprietary Sponsored Media Exchange powered by IZEA. We provide Certified Hootsuite Solutions and expert social media strategy and management services. Read More

Recent Articles

Recent articles on sponsored social media and social media management published by Hotei Media.  [VIEW ALL]

Should You Buy Social Media Followers?

We created 5 brand new accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This is what we experienced with the exception of the first one. We didn’t get scammed but that is mainly because we were able to determine they were scam or fake companies before entering our own information. Below are the highlights of what we learned from the account we created along with other issues not relates to our test.

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Kardashian Instagram Post Draws FDA Warning Letter

Kim Krdashian’s post on Instagram was over the line. That according to the FDA made a  formal warning letter made public today. The warning letter was in regards to a post July 20, 2015 about the benefits of the morning sickness drug Diclegis. The FDA said the post “fails to communicate any risk information.” Kardashian, who is expecting her second child with Kanye West in December, wrote that Diclegis helped her combat morning sickness and has “been studied and there was no increased risk to the baby.” Today Diclegis admitted they paid Kardashian for the post and Kardashian says she will no longer accept payment for her posts on social media.     Sponsored Social Media is where advertisers pay content creators to post their messages, videos or pictures on the social media accounts. IZEA is the largest company in the nation that links advertisers with celebrities. Hotei Media represents advertisers and content creators on the Hotei Media Sponsored Social Media Exchange. In case you have ever wondered what celebrities like Kardashian can get for posting on Instagram, Twitter and other accounts, here’s some estimates. Mike Tyson – $3,250 er tweet Kendra Wilkenson – $7,800 per tweet Khloe Kardashian – $13,000 per tweet Paris Hiltion – $80,000 per tweet Kim Kardashian – $200,000 pert tweet  ... read more

Hootesuite Social Media Study: Cover-More Insurance

Social Media Case Study: Cover-More Group The heart of travel insurance provider Cover-More’s strategy is the Social Media Command Center. It’s a The command Center provides customer feedback and performance metrics for all their social media strategies rand provides the to the various business units in an easy-to-understand visual display. In the case study you’ll learn ow the social media team took control of the unwieldy task of presenting analytics and ended up looking lie rock stars. Cover-More Group Cover-More Group is an Australian-owned global travel insurance and assistance group with offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, China, India, New Zealand, and Malaysia. Each year, Cover-More provides insurance policies for over 1.6 million travelers, manages more than 70,000  nsurance claims, and helps more than 42,000 customers with emergency. Like many Hootsuite partners that wrk in a regulated environment they needed to make sure their social media strategy met regulatory requirements. Download Cover-More Social Media Case Study    ... read more

Hootsuite Case Study: OCBC Bank

    Social Media Case Study: OCBC Bank Having owned a brokerage firm and having spent 7 years training stockbrokers on regulations I’m very aware of the important regulations the Financial Industry needs to comply with – even on social media. In the past it has been difficult for Financial Institutions to find a comprehensive social media solution that secured their posts, content and other information related to their social media strategy.  Hootsuite completed a case study of OCBC Bank that showed global organizations can now confidently communicate with customers and remain compliant, even when social channels are used by thousands of employees in different departments and regions. Scale Your Social Media with Confidence Hootsuite Enterprise has partnered with Nexgate to create a secure, complete solution for policy management and enforcement across your organization. Protect against security and compliance threats such as spam, malware, hacking, and employee error. The Hootsuite Management system allows for the creation of custom and specific policies for individual business units, divisions, and groups. Meet FINRA, HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory standards with the simple check of a box. Publish with a Secure Solution HootSuite Enterprise automatically passes posts to Nexgate to ensure all content conforms with predetermined compliance policies including scanning all URLs for malware or other risks. Nexgate classifies all content posted to social profiles using data classifiers and automatically logs, archives or removes content that violates your organization’s policy Protect Against Compliance Violations Scheduling posts and workflow in advance of being published allow compliance officers the ability to review, approve, or block communications in the same interface your organization uses to publish social media content. Custom... read more

Case Study: Palms Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

The Palms Hotel is less than 3 miles from the Hotei Media Offices (where is all happens). The Palms Hotel is nearby and we frequently go there for lunch and have even been known to take advantage of the $5, Monday night  movie special. So we perked up when we read that latest case study from Hootsuite. The Palms Hotel struggled to track end-to-end ROI of social media output. Using Hootsuite, they launched a successful campaign to track revenue from room bookings back to individual social messages. Exceeded their campaign revenue goals by 67%, earning a total of $5,029.19 Exceeded their room rate reservation goal by 47%, with a total of 22 transactions Gained 2,600 more Twitter followers over the month-long campaign Download the case study to learn how The Palms Hotel tied revenue to real-time engagement using... read more

Happy Clients

These are some of our happy clients. For in depth reviews of social media campaigns and strategies review our latest case studies.

The Hotei Media team of creatives and social media managers rock! I was able to quickly set up Hootsuite quickly and fundamentally change how I manage our social media. Hootsuite and the Social Media Exchange are tools that put our business on the fast track to more sales and stronger relationships.


Greg Lunger

CEO, Yogi Zen Dude, Yogi Zen Dude, Inc

Hotei Media rose above the competition and guided us in creating, implementing and measuring a new social media campaign. Hotei Media is our trusted guide to all things online.

Dean Tinney

Managing Director, Gamma Global Investments, LLC

As the first public company focused on Industrial Hemp we require a unique, creative campaign and a “think out of the box” social media agency. Hotei Media far exceeded our expectations. Not only have we extended our reach we’ve been able to deepen our relationship with our customers. Hotei Media, Hootsuite and the Social Media Exchange put you in complete control of your many social media networks

Bruce Perlowin

President & CEO, Hemp Inc

Hotei Media recommended a bold, new strategy that includes an online community for our customers. The response has been tremendous and has tripled our online interactions.  The team at Hotei Media are social media rock stars!

Martin Vert

President, iTRUEu