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Summary of Resources

HootSuite Social MediaHotei Media Ltd pioneers in sponsored social media and social media management. Originally we provided a lists of books, videos and other resources to help our clients understand the sophisticated social media buys we would put together. When we created this resource there wasn’t a nationally recognized certification for Social Media Managers and finding solid information was difficult at best.

Things have changed tremendously in just the past 24 months. Today there is a nationally recognized certification program for social media managers. So before investing any time or money into the resources below know the first thing any company or individual should do to maximize their social media is to get Hootsuite. The majority of fortune 100 companies use Hootsuite. Many of them pay thousands of dollars for all the extra log ins and features they need but the basic management tool is free. If you wish to have clients and work as a “Social Media Manager” than you may choose to also get Certified as a Social Media Manager through Hootsuite University.

Assuming You Already Have Hootsuite
Here are Our Recommendations

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