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Social Media Case Study: OCBC Bank

Financial Regulatory AgenciesHaving owned a brokerage firm and having spent 7 years training stockbrokers on regulations I’m very aware of the important regulations the Financial Industry needs to comply with – even on social media. In the past it has been difficult for Financial Institutions to find a comprehensive social media solution that secured their posts, content and other information related to their social media strategy.  Hootsuite completed a case study of OCBC Bank that showed global organizations can now confidently communicate with customers and remain compliant, even when social channels are used by thousands of employees in different departments and regions.

Scale Your Social Media with Confidence

Hootsuite Enterprise has partnered with Nexgate to create a secure, complete solution for policy management and enforcement across your organization. Protect against security and compliance threats such as spam, malware, hacking, and employee error. The Hootsuite Management system allows for the creation of custom and specific policies for individual business units, divisions, and groups. Meet FINRA, HIPAA, PCI and other regulatory standards with the simple check of a box.

Publish with a Secure Solution

HootSuite Enterprise automatically passes posts to Nexgate to ensure all content conforms with predetermined compliance policies including scanning all URLs for malware or other risks. Nexgate classifies all content posted to social profiles using data classifiers and automatically logs, archives or removes content that violates your organization’s policy

Protect Against Compliance Violations

Scheduling posts and workflow in advance of being published allow compliance officers the ability to review, approve, or block communications in the same interface your organization uses to publish social media content. Custom filters use advanced data classifiers to identify non-compliant language in outbound social media messages, allowing compliance officers the opportunity to prevent potential policy and regulatory violations.


Case Study: OCBC Bank

OCBC Bank, formed in 1932, is the longest established Singapore bank. Part of a global network that operates as OCBC Bank, Bank OCBC NISP,and Bank of Singapore, the Bank has more than 630 branches and representative offices in 18 countries and territories.

Goal: Increased Customer Engagement

The team that manages OCBC Bank’s social media channels is led by Group Corporate Communications (GCC), but is spread across different business units. To effectively engage with their customers online and to help grow their communities, GCC needed to oversee all communications and enable collaboration between team members. This was facilitated with using Hootsuite streams, keyword searches, and lists across business units.

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Hootsuite Case Study

Hootsuite Case Study