Should I buy Social Media Followers?

Many people wonder if they should buy followers. When you search Google for buy followers you will find hundreds of pages offering to fill your twitter, Instagram and YouTube accounts with followers. 

Buying Followers

We created 5 brand new accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. This is what we experienced with the exception of the first one. We didn’t get scammed but that is mainly because we were able to determine they were scam or fake companies before entering our own information.  Below are the highlights of what we learned from the account we created along with other issues not relates to our test.  


Most alarming is the fact that it is not terribly unusual for people to say they all their friends got spammed when they coughed up their login information in hopes of being given thousands of free followers. If it’s free it’s most likely a scam. They just want your log in information so they can use it for nefarious purposes.


When anyone that knows anything about social media sees an account with 50,000 followers and only 2 likes on their latest post they know know the followers are fake. If your  business is in social media don’t do it. It’s easy for people to check your followers with apps like Status People

Time Consuming

Fake followers is a pain in the butt. If your account is indeed filled with fakes you will quickly find your inbox filled with spam and getting rid of them isn’t easy. You basically have to go through them one at a time and delete them. 

Less Engagement

Yes its true. You may very well experience less engagement with more followers. That’s because of the EdgeRank score. A low EdgeRank means your post will not be shown in the news feed as often which results in less people seeing your post. The first thing a person sees when they log in Facebook is the newsfeed. 

Against the Terms and Conditions

The fact is it is against the terms and conditions. You account could get shut down for purchasing followers and likes.

Test Results

We created five twitter accounts and purchased followers from five companies. Four of the five scored 90% when we ran them through the Fake Follower Checker. That means 90 percent of the followers were fake. The account with the lowest amount of fake followers had purchased followers from Devumi. It scored 48%, This is still incredibly high but was significantly better than the others. 

Hootsuite Social Media ManagementSummary

Would you rather have 100,000 followers that do NOTHING or would you rather have 100 follower that ENGAGE! Believe me. You want that later!

Nothing beats good old fashioned marketing. Share quality content on a regular basis that your follower enjoy. That will build your EdgeRank, reach and most certainly results much faster.

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